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Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E)

Do you know of anyone who is currently doing their D of E award?  They can complete their community service helping at a Scouting Section!  Please contact GSL James for more details on 01225-767365 or email us for information.  

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Scouts Own Stuff - their own work and ideas!



On Camping:

"It was awesome. First we put up the tents.  We played fun activities and capture the flag was the weirdest activity!  But dinner was wicked - I had 5th's!  When we went to bed it was warm.  When I woke up I got dressed and then played manhunt.  I would give camping 8/10.'

'We went to Rocks East and stayed there for one night.  First we put our stuff in the mess tent, then we put up our own tents and moved our things.  We went into the woodlands and explored.  We played lots of fun activities, like capture the flag, scavenger hunts and made friendship bracelets.  After exploring the woods we had time to play.  We had lunch in the mess tent.  We collected firewood and played capture the flag again!'

'We were at camp for 2pm Saturday till the next day.  The place was called Rocks East woodland.  We had to put up our own tents and it started to rain.  Our Leader told us that it was the Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration.  We played man hunt and after that we made dinner - it was delicious!  After dinner we played capture the flag but the other Scout group didn't want to play as it was raining - so we went back to bed.  I woke up and got dressed ready for the day.  We made tripod stoves for the next camp.  We then played man hunt and smashed the Pinata!  Finally we went home'.

'Best Camp Ever'

'We started to make our tents but it started to rain.  We found out that we were celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Our first task was to find dangerous hazards!'


On Remembrance Sunday:

"On Remembrance Day we lined up by Star Corner in troop line.  Then the bagpipes started playing and we marched with the other uniformed groups and army - at the front was the British Legion.  We laid the wreath and all the flags lowered as the Last Post was played.  Then we had a two minute silence.  After the two minute silence, the flags raised and the Reverend did a short speech to remember the dead.  After he spoke we entered the church.  The RBL gave the Standard to the people at the altar.  After all the flags were given we had a church service to commemorate those who died in the two World Wars and what was happening at the moment.  Then the flag was taken and lowered during the National Anthem.  After the flags, we exited the church and it was over."

"Remembrance Day involves carrying flags, marching and a church service.  Carrying the flag is a hard job and great responsibility.  Remembrance Day is a day to remember those who died in the wars.  We have poppies because the poppies grew on the battlefields.  We have two minutes silence."


On being a Scout:

"Sea Scouts is a fun and entertaining club at 7pm on a Tuesday at Scout HQ, near Colerne Village Hall.  We go down to a local canoeing club in Chippenham.  We go on hikes around the village area.  Scouts also go on camp and have camp fires.  We cook our own food and we play games.  We also earn badges and we also learn a bit."

"We all went camping with James - all day we were doing very fun activities.  At th end of the day we played rounders in the dark.  We had a camp fire, sand and we talked and talked and talked until it got soaking wet at 3am and then we ran into the tent."

"1st Colerne Sea Scouts is a very fun and exciting place to be.  We have been camping, walking, playing games and also have tuck at the end."

"I remember when we went to a canoeing club in Chippenham.  We had a paddle down the lake backwards.  At the end we all had a jump in - it was hilarious!"


Although we did not break the Penny Mile World Record, we managed to raise over £1000 as a result of all the hard work of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and friends of 1st Colerne Scouts who collected 1p coins for this challenge!  Well done!


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