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1st Colerne Sea Scout Group Attempted to set a new World Record for laying the Fastest Mile of pennies on 6th June in the Gym Hangar on the Camp with thanks to 21 Signal Regiment.  The Scouts, Cubs and Beavers got off for a slow start on their first line of coins.  The pace steadily improved throughout the morning and we actually got quite good working at a speed that would have broken the World Record.  However, it became apparent that with 30 minutes to go the Scout Group was not going to break the record this time; so we decided to use a couple more people to lay pennies than the record permitted.  Once these extra people helped with the challenge the Scout Group completed the mile of pennies inside the world record time.  So on this occasion we cannot claim the world record, though it is clear that with a bit of practice we can still do this when we go for it again…

  The mile was broken down into eight sections (each section totaled an eighth of a mile).  Each team had a section to work on and was required to lay 4 lines of coins in the time.  Once the children got into the flow, 3 out of the 8 teams completed the challenge inside of the world record time (with no additional help), and if every team maintained the speed they set in the final 3 lines the World Record would have been broken.  This is an amazing feat as most of the participants were aged between 6 and 12 years old.  The level of commitment and teamwork of everyone involved was outstanding.  Each and every member of the Scout Group should be hugely proud of this achievement.  Every team was able to work together towards a common objective, so rather than racing against each other the teams were all racing together.

  Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated to the world record attempt, we made over £1,000 which will be reinvested into Scouting in Colerne.  Indeed, as a Scout group, and as a broader community, we deserve to be proud in this phenomenal achievement. I would like to thank and congratulate you all: for the preparation and fundraising leading up to the event, and for the support and the team effort in laying on the day.

 So no world record this time, but the positives from this certainly outweigh that aspect. Besides which, we’ve learned a lot from this and I am sure we will be back to attempt to take this title again in the future. (At which point, since we were inside the time this time, we will smash it!)

1st Colerne Scouts would like to extend our thanks to a number of people for making our record attempt possible. We would like to thank 1st Corporate Consultants for their generous sponsorship, and a big thank you to 21 Signal Regiment for allowing us the use the gym hangar. We would also like to thank Martin Disney and Simon Alexander from Trowbridge Hot Chili Triathlon Club who can along to referee the event, and Bay Barker, Rodney Priest and Leili Drake who came along to be our official witnesses.  Thanks to Neil Luce from Babcock International who came and surveyed the site for us.  Our thanks go also to the Co-op Bank in Westbury (specifically, Alison) who converted the non 1 pence coins into pennies for us.  A special thank you needs to go to Peter Wilson, our Scout President, who helped in more ways than we can name behind the scenes, including running our advertising campaign in the Parish Magazine and starting the challenge with a motivational speech.  Finally, we would like to thank the people of Colerne and the surrounding area who have been so kindly and enthusiastically collecting their pennies for us. The saying  goes, they make pounds, and this time, we have proven that! Thank you.   James Bicknell, Group Scout Leader.



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Although we did not break the Penny Mile World Record, we managed to raise over £1000 as a result of all the hard work of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and friends of 1st Colerne Scouts who collected 1p coins for this challenge!  Well done!


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